Niagara Outfitters

From the Gorge to the Lake - There is Something for Everyone



The Niagara Gorge is seven beautiful miles that was cut by the Niagara River, ranging in height from 200-300 feet.

For the adventerous, there are amazing views of the Rapids and the Whirlpool  after descending 200 feet to the base of the gorge.  For those that prefer a more leisurely path, full of beautiful vistas, we can stick to the Rim! 

Enjoy a 2 hour, 4 hour or full day hike!



Who wants to deal with parking??  There is so much to see around the Falls and the very best way to see it is to ride!  You can ride along the Upper Niagara and through the Niagara Falls State Park.  Take in all the negative ions as you see all that this region has to offer!!  There is a higher concentration of electrically charged particles in the air all along the Niagara River!!

Kayak and Canoe


The Lower Niagara and Lake Ontario are amazing places to get out on the water.  For a leisurely day, rent a kayak and ride the current from Lewiston to Youngstown.  If you are just starting out take along a guide to show you all the the river and the Lake have to offer!  Or take a short paddle from Youngstown to Niagara on the Lake and have lunch and drink at one of the local wineries (just don't forget your passport)  The possibilities are endless!



Why not try out something new!?!?   Paddleboarding is becoming all the rage!  It is great excercise and is fun too!  Again, ride the river from Lewiston to Youngstown, or the lake can be like glass.  Get out and catch one of the most amazing sunsets, it will do your soul some good!!! 



Have you ever wanted to just get away!  There is no better way to spend a day than to float down the Niagara from Lewiston to Youngstown.  Put down your phone, grab a tube and a life jacket and enjoy a relaxing day on the water!!  Approximately 3-4 hours depending on the wind.  At the end enjoy a drink at The Stone Jug and then we'll transport you back to your car!!  Great for reunions of all kinds.

Family Adventures


Something for everyone, whether you are new to the outdoors, or a seasoned vet!  Our NYS licensed guides will take you where you want to go and do what you want to do!  We can plan a tour that is specialized to your abilities.  

Give us a call to find out more!!